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    • The email you use must be working to retrieve your logon protocol
    • Do not use PHS email (
      • those accounts are voided after graduation
      • no awards can be made on voided email accounts
      • gmail, yahoo, outlook,, etc all work
      • Please update the student profile using different email account.
    • If you use an email from Corfu-Pembroke High School, it will be removed after your graduation.
    • This creates a problem to receive your scholarship since the system cannot find a 'removed email address'
    • So at this time please use another address.
    • Once you have a Logon Identity, you can return to update your site.
    • You do not have to complete everything on one visit.
    • There is no limit to the number of visits to your application
  2. Students can Create your Personal Profile: You will complete data for each of these Sections
    • Basic Identification Information about you
    • Additional Information
    • School Identification (eg: New York ~ Pembroke Jr-Sr High School)
    • Academic Statistics and Records
    • Supporting Facts and Material
    • Activities, Awards, Employment History  
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  4. FAQ:
    • Tips about Essay of Goals and Aspirations: 
      • Length of Essay is not as important as Content. 
      • What is your career/education aspirations? Tell about your profession!
      • Start with Career Path and Aspirations with relevant achievements that put you in a position to fulfill your goals. 
      • Mention possible challenges to accomplish your goal with plan to neutralize obstacles.
      • What steps have you undertaken to ensure success (eg volunteer?)
      • Timeframe for each step? 
      •  Who can you count on for advice/help?  Sponsor?  Mentor?
    • Tips for Essay of Unusual Circumstance: 
      • Instruct the Review Team about items that affected time/performance at Pembroke High School
      • Rare or sudden event or occurrence
      • Dealing with Family/Friends misfortune
      • Advise how the process effected your long/short term goal. 


Reference Section. Submit your request after March 15 so your transcript will  include the second semester Grades


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